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Best paint colors for bathroom

Best Paint Colors For Bathroom

Written by: AsherMiller

            Are you looking for the best paint colors to use in your bathroom? Well, look no further. Here in this article we are going to go over all of the fabulous colors that you could be using in your bathroom right now. Okay, let’s get started with the top ten best colors for your bathroom.


            If you are going with a beach theme or do not know what theme to go with yet, this is a beautiful color to add to any bathroom. It will leave you feeling light and airy when you walk in, reminding you of the sandy shores of the nearest beach that you have so deeply fallen in love with every time you enter the room.


            Mimicking the paleness of the summer sky into a bathroom painting is going to make the room feel fresher and almost as if it is easier to breath in said area of the house. You are going to love the relaxing atmosphere that is created when you add a touch of light blue paint to the bathroom. Your guests are going to love the outdoors feeling that they receive upon entering.


            This is a beautiful color, if you are looking for a water tone, this is one that will make you and your visitors feel like they have left home and have gone on a nice vacation. Adding this splash of color to the bathroom will go great with a beach or under the water theme. You are going to love the gentleness that you feel inside of yourself when you are surrounded by this color.


            You are going to love this color in your bathroom. It is going to leave you feeling breathless every single time you enter the room. You are going to fall in love with the warmth inside of the color, wrapping you tightly in a relaxed state of mind. You are going to feel like you are stepping into an ocean of wonders and magical mysteries that lie behind the shades captivating hue.


            If you are going with a ship or boat themed bathroom, then this color is going to act as the perfect shade of a boating atmosphere. You are going to love the way you feel when you enter this neutral color. It is going to balance all of the energy in the room, giving the entire area a more relaxing and cascading feeling of joy.


            Pink is a beautiful color to use when you are using an ocean setting or a sun set relaxed theme. This shade is going to wrap the room in a warm hug of relaxation. You and your guests are going to love this color. It is going to complete a already perfect room and make it wonderful.


            This shade is great for a captions theme as well as a general ocean or beach theme. You are going to love the way the color makes you feel like you are surrounded by the vast emptiness of the ocean. You are going to find yourself and your guests feeling wrapped in an ocean of wonder and bliss every time you enter into this room.


            Light purple is another great color for a bathroom, again a symbol of the beauty that lies in the sky above us every evening being transported into your bathroom to create a very relaxing environment. You are going to love the way you feel when you are surrounded by the utter most beauty of the sunset being brought into your bathroom theme.

9) RED

                        This shade goes nicely with all themes of boats or ships. The color of red is a powerful reminder of many great ships that have sailed the seven seas. If you are going with a boating theme, the color red will really grab ahold of you and your guests making you feel like you have stepped into one of these amazing boats.


            This shade is another beautiful piece to be added to any bathroom that is going with an ocean or a beach theme, thanks to everyone connecting these types of scenes with something out of a story book about a ocean or a ship ride will provide you and your guests with a very relaxing surrounding. You are going to feel so relaxed that you are never going to want to leave this room.


            If you are unsure that this is the type of project that you want to take on by yourself or simply you do not know how to paint a room. You can always go to for painting tutorials if you do not want to spend the money on an actual painter. Sometimes professional painters can be expensive and depending on the amount of space in the room that you are trying to get covered, it could be faster, cheaper and easier if you just do it yourself. But, if you are unsure of your skills you can always look up ways to do your best work on the internet.


            If you are going to want to use the best paint out there. A paint that goes on smooth, does not crack or leave prints, a paint that is easy to clean and only requires one coat to even cover the most messy of paint jobs underneath then you are going to want to go with Sherwin Williams Paint. You are going to love the vast amount of colors and the quality that is put into each drop of paint.


            Depending on the size of the bathroom and the amount of time you are willing to put into it, it should take you anywhere between one to three days. This type of painting job is quick and painless. Most bathrooms should not take more than one days work to get the job finished.

Feng Shui with Pillows: Creating energy in your home

Color is one of the most important feng shui cures in home decorating. Decorating your home according to the ancient Chinese practice of using the five elements to balance your Chi energy will make your home a peaceful sanctuary. The meaning of colors is just as important to your design as how they look. Use color to energize your home and attract positive energy. You don’t have to be a feng shui master to  to use the colors of fire, earth, water wood, and metal to create a happy home.

Different colors can cause you to feel different emotions there’s no doubt about that. Think about how you feel when you wear clothing in certain colors. Just like wearing certain colors in your clothes bring out varying emotions, so do the colors in your home.
Some colors stir your passion while others create a feeling of serenity. Bright colors can make you feel upbeat and give a sense of optimism for your day, whereas dark colors tap into a different energy.
The colors used in your home have the ability not just to stir your emotions, but color can also be used to create the changes you want to see happen for your life. Whether you want to attract money, improve your love relationship or simply have good energy, you can do this by changing your room décor. These changes can be made by simply changing or rearranging your pillow covers.

Pillow covers are a simple and quick way to change the color scheme of a room. Rather than paint a room or buy new furniture, changing your pillow covers on your sofa, chair or bed can enhance your energy with the right colors

Some rooms will make you feel happy while other rooms will make you feel depressed. Why is that? Colors in Feng Shui are either in the Yin or the Yang category and bring up the different emotions you feel. For example, Yin colors promote health and calmness while Yang colors promote a sense of enthusiasm. They’re different energies. A color scheme is not only for our eyes but it can be the difference between a restful room or a room design that energizes.

The truth about neutrals

While there are some people who believe that white or black are neutral and don’t really have any energy, it’s not so. White stands for purity while black stands for achievement and power. 
Use the color white in your home to radiate confidence. This color is best used in kitchens or for a bathroom. The color black can cause negative emotions if used as a wall color. Instead, use it in the decorations within the room such as the furniture or accent pieces. 

Red is a color capable of stirring energy. It can have negative energy if used in rooms like the kitchen. Be mindful and use sparingly in the bedroom, this high energy color can disrupt your sleep. The red color represents the fire element.   Red is a warm color and symbolizes passion. You don’t have to use bright fire engine red to add the fire element. Pink, which is a lighter value of red, burnt orange, burgundy and mustard yellow are also fire element colors. These colors are found on the warm side of the color wheel. These fire colors energize the area of the house they are displayed in and should be used as accent colors. The warm colors add passion to your romantic relationship and excitement to your everyday life like the happy energy of the sun.

Orange stimulates the home’s energy as well. This color can range from a dark red orange to a light apricot. This energetic color is hard to find in home décor, it is not typically the top color choice like blue or green. This makes for the perfect pop of color that will add good energy to any room design. The fiery shade reminds me of sitting with friends around a campfire. Orange is a social color so add it to your family room where this happy color will add to the good vibes associated with gathering with your favorite people. This fire element color catches your eye. It is used in fun artsy interiors as well as eclectic global décor.

Pink is a one of the best colors to add to your bedroom. It is the color of love and sensuality. Blush pink, coral, orchid or dark pink are colors that accentuate your skin tone and mimic the rosy cheeks of passion. I am not a fan of pink but even I have a muted pink accent pillow with the word love in blush pink in a chair in my master bedroom. Your love life will thank you. If you do love the color you can add more but remember it is a fiery color. Too much can make for sleepless nights, so remember to balance the room’s energy with a water element color like blue or black.

  • Blue is the opposite. It’s calming and should be used in rooms where you need a sense of calmness. Blue represents the water element, it is calming and cleansing.  Décor items in this color are easy to add to your room. Blue comes in all different shades from a deep rich indigo, to a muted robin’s eggshell. This color symbolizes dependability and increases creativity. Blue is perfect for a home office or a child’s room.  This is the reason blue painted walls look so relaxing in a spa bathroom or a master bedroom retreat.
  • Black is also a water color, mysterious like the depths of the ocean at night. This color is used in sleek modern design. Black adds sophistication and adds drama to room décor by contrasting with the other colors. Sprinkle in this water color to add instant drama to your color scheme. This color attracts money so add a couple of black pillow covers to your entryway bench to attract money to your home.
  • Yellow is a good color to use in Feng Shui for kitchens. It’s a color that signifies emotions of optimism and cheerfulness, which is probably why the yellow color has been a long-standing favorite color for kitchens. The light butter yellow shade is  considered an earth element color. This light yellow is a brighter color than the typical sand, terra cotta or traditional beige. Darker yellows are considered a fire color.
  • Tan is the color of earth whether it is desert sands or canyon cliffs. Earth tones are classic colors like taupe, beige and khaki that hold up over the decades. A stable color that can make you feel like you are home. It is nourishing your soul.  Muted earth colors like terra cotta and sand in the striated layers of a desert canyon evoke a connection to the earth and a grounded feeling in your home. Use as your wall color or large furniture pieces.
  • Green is a nature color – and just like green plants in nature, the color used in homes give the sign of growth. This hue represents the wood element. However, the negative side to this color is that it symbolizes jealousy – so don’t use it to paint the living room walls.  You don’t have to add kelly green décor items, these green shades—sage, mint or olive greens work to represent the wood element. These natural colors help me feel connected to Mother Nature and green complements fire colors and creates harmonious vibes with water element colors. You don’t have to add lucky bamboo, add a pillow with plant leaves to get rid of stagnant energy.
  • Brown is a wood element color since it is the color of tree bark. This color comes in dark chocolate brown, bronze, café au lait, camel or chestnut.  No matter the shade, wood colors symbolize growth and expansion. Unblock your chi energy by adding brown color pillows to your living room, wood frames and wicker baskets.
  • Gray is a neutral color that represents the metal element. Like aluminum or steel the metal element can be strong and cool and lacks its own energy. This neutral color can calm the energy of bright colors and soothe the eye when used on the walls or large furniture pieces such as a sofa or headboard.

What color is Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin-Williams?

What color is Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin-Williams?

Color trends make gray the most popular interior paint color whether you are painting your family room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Repose Gray can be used throughout your whole house because it will coordinate with almost all room color schemes. Gray walls are visually calming because the color does not clash with your color scheme. You can even keep your white walls and paint a Repose Gray accent wall if you are unsure about adding color.

What color is Repose Gray?

Repose gray is a light gray paint color with a very slight brownish undertone, a taupe rather than a blue or pink undertone. repose gray is the lightest value of the dark taupe gray color Black Fox.  The gray paint color is mixed using different amounts of colors in a light or dark base. Since the color is made using different percentages of colors the final color can have a visible color undertone. Gray tends to have a warm or cool undertone. Warm grays can have brown, pink, and yellow undertones and a cool gray paint color has blue, green or purple undertones.

Repose Gray coordinating colors

Choosing a room color palette to match repose gray can be a little overwhelming since almost every color coordinates with this lovely neutral gray color. Just like choosing a paint color, you can do this by choosing what you like and narrowing the colors down to 4 or 5 complementary colors. Lucky for you I have created a few different color palettes so you can see Repose Gray with different room color schemes.

Southwest Serenity

Rather than the peaches, pinks and turquoise blue, this southwest color scheme includes dark gray with taupe, putty and navy blue. The stacked stone fireplace and warm woods in this inspiration room balance the cool colors in the color palette and enhance the slightly warm tone of the Repose Gray walls. Painted baskets, patterned blankets and a large area rug with these colors will create a relaxing desert oasis in your home.

Calm Traditions

Traditional decor doesn’t have to be boring or dated. This classic blue, blue gray and tan color combination enhances the Repose Gray brown undertones. Add a white sofa and darker wood window treatments that will remain in style for years to come. This color palette contrasts with the light gray wall color for an interesting and classic living room.

Boho Retreat

Boho or bohemian decor is very popular in recent years. Boho style usually means lots of colors for a collected and eclectic look. Gray is not the first color that comes to mind since white walls are the typical backdrop for this colorful artistic style. However, Repose Gray is a light neutral color that adds warmth but doesn’t distract from the patterns, textures and colors this style entails.

Is Repose Gray a warm color?

Repose gray is considered a warm color because the base color is a brownish gray rather that a cool blue base. The color is light so it is hard to see the undertone, but you can see it in the darkest value, the Black Fox color. Brown is a warm neutral because it is a muted orange.

Does Repose Gray have blue undertones?

At the paint store Repose Gray looks like a light gray with a very slight brown undertone that gives the color its warmth. It was noticeable when I had x and y paint chips next to each other. Choosing a paint color is very subjective and the color can appear to change with surrounding colors, different light sources and the time of day.

Is Agreeable Gray lighter than Repose Gray?

Both Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray are the lightest selection on their respective paint chip columns at the Sherwin-Williams paint store. They both look like light grays except repose gray is the lightest value of the dark taupe gray color Black Fox and Agreeable Gray is the lightest value of the dark brown color Status Bronze. Value is defined as the relative lightness or darkness of a color.  LRV 58 Light reflective value tells what percentage of the light the color reflects on a scale of 0 to 100. Repose Gray has  LRV 58 so it reflects more light and the color is light. The LRV number can be found on the paint chips. This can help you decide how light or dark you want your paint color to be. This number works on all colors except yellow which is a very light reflective color.

Repose gray has a LRV of 58 and the next darkest color of the paint strip is Mindful gray and it gas an LRV of 48. You can see the whole paint chip here  at the Sherwin Williams website.

How to choose a paint color

The best way to choose a paint color is to bring home 20 paint chips in the general color you are looking for so you can see the color in your home. I know I want to paint my room a light gray or a medium gray. I also want a warm color so I look for paint colors that look more brown or tan at the darkest shade. I find it is easier to see the undertone at the darkest end of the spectrum. Once I see the warm undertone I grab the top three lightest colors in the column to take home.

I narrow down the paint chips to the top 10 that I think will look good in the room. I try to look at the colors throughout the day to see if any look terrible in no light or warm light. Once I get down to 5 gray hues, I go back to the paint store and get 2 to 3 paint samples. They cost 8 bucks and less if the store is running a paint sale.

This time, I got the 3 lightest values on the column of paint colors that started with Repose Gray, Mindful Gray and Dorian Gray. Sherwin Williams offers paint samples that cover 75 square feet, that is plenty of paint. You can purchase one sample of the top paint color, but I don’t want to run back and forth to the paint store.