Best paint colors for bathroom

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Best Paint Colors For Bathroom

Written by: AsherMiller

            Are you looking for the best paint colors to use in your bathroom? Well, look no further. Here in this article we are going to go over all of the fabulous colors that you could be using in your bathroom right now. Okay, let’s get started with the top ten best colors for your bathroom.


            If you are going with a beach theme or do not know what theme to go with yet, this is a beautiful color to add to any bathroom. It will leave you feeling light and airy when you walk in, reminding you of the sandy shores of the nearest beach that you have so deeply fallen in love with every time you enter the room.


            Mimicking the paleness of the summer sky into a bathroom painting is going to make the room feel fresher and almost as if it is easier to breath in said area of the house. You are going to love the relaxing atmosphere that is created when you add a touch of light blue paint to the bathroom. Your guests are going to love the outdoors feeling that they receive upon entering.


            This is a beautiful color, if you are looking for a water tone, this is one that will make you and your visitors feel like they have left home and have gone on a nice vacation. Adding this splash of color to the bathroom will go great with a beach or under the water theme. You are going to love the gentleness that you feel inside of yourself when you are surrounded by this color.


            You are going to love this color in your bathroom. It is going to leave you feeling breathless every single time you enter the room. You are going to fall in love with the warmth inside of the color, wrapping you tightly in a relaxed state of mind. You are going to feel like you are stepping into an ocean of wonders and magical mysteries that lie behind the shades captivating hue.


            If you are going with a ship or boat themed bathroom, then this color is going to act as the perfect shade of a boating atmosphere. You are going to love the way you feel when you enter this neutral color. It is going to balance all of the energy in the room, giving the entire area a more relaxing and cascading feeling of joy.


            Pink is a beautiful color to use when you are using an ocean setting or a sun set relaxed theme. This shade is going to wrap the room in a warm hug of relaxation. You and your guests are going to love this color. It is going to complete a already perfect room and make it wonderful.


            This shade is great for a captions theme as well as a general ocean or beach theme. You are going to love the way the color makes you feel like you are surrounded by the vast emptiness of the ocean. You are going to find yourself and your guests feeling wrapped in an ocean of wonder and bliss every time you enter into this room.


            Light purple is another great color for a bathroom, again a symbol of the beauty that lies in the sky above us every evening being transported into your bathroom to create a very relaxing environment. You are going to love the way you feel when you are surrounded by the utter most beauty of the sunset being brought into your bathroom theme.

9) RED

                        This shade goes nicely with all themes of boats or ships. The color of red is a powerful reminder of many great ships that have sailed the seven seas. If you are going with a boating theme, the color red will really grab ahold of you and your guests making you feel like you have stepped into one of these amazing boats.


            This shade is another beautiful piece to be added to any bathroom that is going with an ocean or a beach theme, thanks to everyone connecting these types of scenes with something out of a story book about a ocean or a ship ride will provide you and your guests with a very relaxing surrounding. You are going to feel so relaxed that you are never going to want to leave this room.


            If you are unsure that this is the type of project that you want to take on by yourself or simply you do not know how to paint a room. You can always go to for painting tutorials if you do not want to spend the money on an actual painter. Sometimes professional painters can be expensive and depending on the amount of space in the room that you are trying to get covered, it could be faster, cheaper and easier if you just do it yourself. But, if you are unsure of your skills you can always look up ways to do your best work on the internet.


            If you are going to want to use the best paint out there. A paint that goes on smooth, does not crack or leave prints, a paint that is easy to clean and only requires one coat to even cover the most messy of paint jobs underneath then you are going to want to go with Sherwin Williams Paint. You are going to love the vast amount of colors and the quality that is put into each drop of paint.


            Depending on the size of the bathroom and the amount of time you are willing to put into it, it should take you anywhere between one to three days. This type of painting job is quick and painless. Most bathrooms should not take more than one days work to get the job finished.

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